Processing, Refinement,
and Purification

Do you have hemp or cannabis biomass that needs processing?
We offer extraction, distillation, isolate production, pesticide remediation, and other refinement services
for licensed growers and processors.

The processing, refinement, and purification services that we offer are:

Biomass Extraction

With extraction facilities for both Hemp and Cannabis in Michigan, we can efficiently extract cannabinoids and terpenes from your biomass and create high-quality crude extracts.

Cannabinoid Distillation

Whether you already have crude extracts or if you’ve chosen us for your biomass extraction, we provide distillation services to create a product ready for use in consumer products or vape cartridges.

THC Removal in CBD Distillate

Using a highly sophisticated Centrifugal Partition Chromatography system, we are able to remove Delta-9 THC from hemp distillate, creating a federally compliant, broad-spectrum product that is below 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

Cannabinoid Isolate Production

We can isolate cannabinoids from hemp distillate and produce >99% CBD or CBG isolates, as well as create D9-THCA isolate from crude cannabis extracts.

Pesticide Remediation

Unfortunately, outdoor-grown hemp and cannabis frequently test positive for pesticides, often by contamination from neighboring farms. If this happens to your crops we have methods to remove the pesticides and create clean products that will pass testing.