Full-Service Consulting

We are a team of chemists and engineers with over 70 years of extraction experience between us, both within and outside the hemp and cannabis industries. We offer consulting services on every aspect of cannabinoid processing, including equipment specification, production floor redesigns, SOP development, training, bottleneck assessment, and minor troubleshooting.
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Our consultants possess decades of experience between them. From industrial-scale operations to small labs, we can help you overcome obstacles and set you up for success.

The full-service consulting services we offer are:

Full Lab Buildouts

We can design any type of processing and manufacturing facility, whether you’re interested in biomass extraction, distillation, and refinement, or consumer product manufacturing. We always start with your specific situation and can design and implement a facility specifically tailored to your needs.

Equipment Specification and Procurement

We can procure equipment on your behalf and get much better pricing than retail. Whether you choose to buy new or used, we have relationships with suppliers across the US.

Production Floor Layouts and Designs

Do you have your equipment and building already, but aren’t sure how it all fits together? We can show you how to efficiently layout your production floor for optimal flow, increasing efficiency, and minimizing waste.

SOP Development

If you have no formal documentation for your production processes, we can develop them for you. SOPs are a key part of running an efficient and safe operation and are required to operate in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


If you have equipment but aren’t quite sure how to run it, we can provide hands-on training to you and your team. Along with SOPs, ensuring your employees are properly trained is essential to being efficient and safe.

Lean Manufacturing Assessment

Our engineers have years of experience implementing lean manufacturing best practices, both outside and within the hemp and cannabis industries. Our goal is to make your facility safer, more efficient, and more profitable. We will identify waste in your process based on movement, ergonomics, layout, work sequences, and organization, and will create solutions to eliminate it.

Safety Audits

An unsafe workplace is somewhere nobody wants to be, and can be extremely costly when dealing with hydrocarbons, ethanol, and other solvents. More than other industries, hemp and cannabis processors need to put safety first, and we can help with that by assessing the inherent risk associated with your particular production processes. Most importantly, we will bring you solutions to address any safety concerns that are found.


Sometimes everything should be working right, but it just isn’t. We can provide support, in person or over the phone. No issue is too big nor too small for us to handle, whether it’s a particular setting on a machine, or performing a full-scale Root Cause Analysis to identify the cause of a recurring problem. We are here to help.

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