Consumer Product Manufacturing

Do you want to sell your own brand of hemp or cannabis products? We’d love to make them for you! We can take your biomass, extract, or distillate and turn it into ready-for-sale consumer products like tinctures, lotions, muscle relief roll-ons, gummies, vape cartridges, and more. We also have a very large supply of our own distillate available for your products. This means that as your brand grows, you will never have to worry about running out of input material. We offer low MOQs, standard label templates, and custom product formulations, making us uniquely suited to supporting small, growing brands.

Consumer products, from start to finish

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White and Private Label Manufacturing

We have licensed facilities in Michigan, USA to produce high-quality hemp and cannabis consumer products at a very low cost to you. We are perfect for small-scale growers who want to turn their hemp biomass into something that is more useful, easier to sell, and has much higher profit margins than the biomass alone.

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Product Development

We have a diverse portfolio of consumer products including tinctures, muscle relief roll-ons, muscle relief single-use wipes, hydration cream body butter, water-soluble drink powders, soaps, and more, and we are constantly bringing new products online. All of our products have been custom formulated in-house by chemists and are proven effective.

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Essential Label Design

We know that designing labels can be tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. That’s why all of our White and Private Label Manufacturing contracts come with our Essential Label Design service. This includes:
  • Your Brand Logo
  • Your Business Information
  • A Certificate of Analysis QR Code
  • A Nutrition Facts Table
  • An FDA Disclaimer
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Delivering exceptional services to our valued clients

We know that labeling and box designs can be tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. That’s why all our white label CBD and Private Label CBD products come with essential label design. Our essential white label includes:
  • Your Brand’s Logo
  • Your Business Information
  • Certificate of Analysis QR Code
  • Ingredients Table

Where we do provide template design service, we do not offer custom design services. If you have a designer, we will work with them to realize your white label or private label brand. If you do not have a designer, we’d be happy to provide third-party designers who we’ve vetted.

On top of that, we also provide a certificate of analysis service at no extra cost so you can quickly get your White and Private Label products into the CBD or THC market.

Some people may not enjoy the original cannabis flavor that’s often associated with unflavored CBD or THC products. Luckily, we offer over 50 natural flavors that can be combined or customized to your specifications.

If you would like a custom box or container for your products, you’re in luck as nearly anything is possible for your White or Private Label products. We will work with you to get you precisely what you require.

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CBD product from start to finish
Product development

While our development specialists have a wide range of products ready for production, we also create specialized products. We also provide robust user research in our development cycles.


As a domestic CBD manufacturer, we are ready to fulfill your small batch orders or your nationwide distribution orders. We have the means to produce and deliver your white label product or private label product with the highest quality.

Packaging and Design

We know that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but we also know that if your CBD brand doesn't look great, it's hard to sell to a consumer or retailer. That's why we provide packaging and white label design services for both industrial and consumer-grade products in our white label program.

Private Label vs White Label

What’s the difference?

White Label is when we produce a finished product for you, and is then sold as your own with no changes. Private Label is when you purchase a product, and we change it for you to sell it as your own. An example of Private Label Manufacturing would be if you were to buy shampoo from a shampoo manufacturer and had us add CBD to it to create a CBD Shampoo with your brand on it making it a private label CBD product. An example of White Label Manufacturing would be if you were to have us produce your brand’s CBD shampoo line making them white label CBD products.

About Us

White Label CBD Manufacturing

We can also use your CBD Oil or Private Label CBD if you’d prefer, but we know everything about our CBD oil. We know who grows the hemp we use and where it’s grown. We know how it is processed, and it’s quality. Private Label CBD supplies can often change, making it more challenging to make your product with the same quality in the future.

Whatever it is, we have the manufacturing capabilities to suit your needs